Once the order is received, it is processed and the products are properly packed, ensuring proper maintenance of the product's qualities during the shipping process. To guarantee that the order arrives in perfect condition, we work with transport companies of recognized prestige such as Gls, Seur or a transport company with similar characteristics.

WallPallet undertakes to deliver the product in perfect condition to the address indicated by the Client in the order form, and which in any case must be within the Territory specified on the web. In order to optimize delivery, we thank the Customer for indicating an address where the order can be delivered within normal business hours.

WallPallet will not be liable for errors caused in delivery when the delivery address entered by the Customer in the order form does not match reality or has been omitted.

WallPallet informs the Customer that it is possible for the same order to be divided into several deliveries.

Product delivery

WallPallet undertakes to deliver the product in perfect condition to the address indicated by the Client in the order form, and which in any case must be within the Territory specified above. In order to optimize delivery, we thank the Customer for indicating an address where the order can be delivered within normal business hours.

WallPallet will not be liable for errors caused in delivery when the delivery address entered by the Customer in the order form does not match reality or has been omitted.

WallPallet informs the Customer that it is possible for the same order to be divided into several deliveries.

Delivery term

Shipments will be made through a courier company. The order placed by you will be delivered to you in a minimum period of 24 to 72 hours and a maximum of 10 working days, from Monday to Friday, except for the complementary service of delivery on Saturday, since we have made the order confirmation. Although the usual delivery time for WallPallet usually ranges between 3 to 6 days for mainland Spain and 3 to 10 days for the Balearic Islands and other destinations (working days, Monday to Friday), from the end of the order, there are articles on WallPallet Because they are handmade or personalized, the delivery time to the customer varies, always informing the customer of the delivery time during the purchase and the characteristics of the product to be purchased. In the temporary computation of the contracted service, holidays at the destination will be excluded.

The delivery period in Europe depends a lot on the country of destination, but from our experience in the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Italy and Portugal, it has taken between 4 and 10 days maximum. In the Rest of the World it may vary by country and within the country by destinations, but due to our experience in Argentina, Mexico, Chile and the USA it takes between 15 and 25 days.

These deadlines are means, and therefore an estimate. For this reason, the contractually agreed terms for the delivery of the freight, it is understood without prejudice to the delays that may be caused, it is possible that they vary for logistical reasons, manufacturing or force majeure or fortuitous event (storms, snow, roadblocks , strikes, procedures or other actions of the Administration and / or Customs, goods that travel by air, etc.). In cases of delays in deliveries, WallPallet will inform its customers as soon as it becomes aware of them.

Each delivery is considered made from the moment in which the transport company makes the product available to the Customer, which is materialized through the control system used by the transport company.

In the event of delays in the delivery of orders attributable to WallPallet, the Client may cancel their order in accordance with the procedure described in Section «11. Return". Delays in delivery will not be considered those cases in which the order has been made available to the Customer by the transport company within the agreed period and could not be delivered for reasons attributable to the Customer.

The shipping costs are as follows (VAT included):

.- Spain (peninsula), the shipping cost is broken down into two prices: € 7.50 depending on the shipping method selected for each order placed.

.- Portugal, the shipping cost is € 12.00.

.- Balearic Islands, the shipping cost is € 12.00.

.- Canary Islands, the cost will depend on the volume / weight, being € 19.00 or € 50.00.


The rest of the countries will be added shortly.

Once the order leaves our warehouses, an e-mail will be sent notifying you that your order has been accepted.

and it's being shipped.

For security reasons, WallPallet will not send any order to PO boxes or military bases, nor will it accept any order when it is not possible to identify the recipient of the order and their address.

III. Delivery Data, Deliveries not made and Loss

If at the time of delivery the Customer is absent, the carrier will leave a receipt indicating how to proceed to arrange a new delivery. WallPallet contracts, as part of the courier delivery service, to carry out a series of follow-up actions, aimed at guaranteeing that the delivery takes place.

If after 7 working days after the delivery of the order, the delivery has not been arranged, the Customer must contact WallPallet. In the event that the Client does not proceed in this way, after 10 business days from the delivery of the order, it will be returned to our warehouses and the Client will be responsible for the shipping costs and return to origin of the merchandise, as well as possible associated management fees.

If the reason why the delivery could not be made is the loss of the package, our carrier will initiate an investigation. In these cases, the response times of our carriers usually oscillate between one and three weeks.

Diligence in delivery

The Customer must check the good condition of the package before the carrier that, on behalf of WallPallet, delivers the requested product, indicating on the delivery note any anomaly that may be detected in the packaging. If, subsequently, once the product has been reviewed, the Client detects any incident such as hit, breakage, signs of having been opened or any damage caused to it by shipping, the Client undertakes to notify WallPallet via email in the shortest period of time. possible, within 24 hours of delivery. From that moment on, incidents of this type will not be dealt with (only parts under warranty).

What happens if you are not there when the package is delivered?

In case the carrier will try to deliver the package and there is no one to receive it, he will leave you a note stating the delivery attempt. Please contact the transport agency as soon as possible through the telephone number that you will find in the note, in order to arrange a new delivery. A second delivery attempt will also be made

For any problem I can contact us in EMAIL

Payment Methods

Our goal is to make your purchase quick and easy by offering you a variety of payment methods, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Payment is accepted by credit / debit card, by bank transfer or by PayPal.

The Customer agrees to pay at the time the order is placed. To the initial price that appears in WallPallet for each of the products offered, the corresponding rates will be added to the relevant shipping costs. In any case, these rates will be previously communicated to the Client before formalizing the purchase itself.

The ticket or proof of purchase corresponding to the purchase order will be available and can be viewed at in the "My Account", "Orders" section.

The Client must pay the amount corresponding to their order by payment by credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and / or other similar cards), transfer or Paypal. The card with which the payment is made must have a European bank or savings bank as the issuing financial institution. Card payment is made through Cajamar with its security protocols.

The Client must notify WallPallet of any undue or fraudulent charge on the card used for purchases, by email or by telephone, in the shortest time possible so that WallPallet can carry out the appropriate procedures.

More information about payment methods:

Secure Payment by Card

WallPallet offers you the Secure Internet Payment System by card, with which you can make your purchases online with maximum peace of mind and security. All the data provided in the process are encrypted under the secure SSL (Secure Socket Layers) protocol to guarantee the highest security, and cannot be intercepted while they are being transmitted. The screen where the customer enters their card data comes directly from the gateway with whom WallPallet, Comercio Electrónico de Cajamar works, where the data is received directly.

For this, WallPallet has adopted the international VISA security standard, called Verified by VISA, implemented since April 2002. For Mastercard it is called "MasterCard SecureCode".



On the Verified by VISA page, you will find more information about this service.

How do Systems Verified By Visa - MasterCard SecureCode?

You must contact your bank office and request the activation of the Secure Payment Service for Online purchases. This system consists of a password, a phrase that you only know, a random code sent to your mobile phone, etc. Each bank has its identification system. Many entities even have the possibility of registering online without having to go to their office. Check with your bank.

The system consists in that when you finish selecting the payment method and WITHOUT THE NEED TO PUT YOUR CARD DATA IN WALLPALLET, our store sends you along with the information of your order directly to the bank's secure gateway to complete the purchase process with your card. In this way, Pus Publicidad NEVER knows your card details.


You only need to activate the service once with your bank and this will allow you not only to buy on WallPallet, but in all Online stores that have Secure Payment.

With the use of this service that your bank makes available to you, you will be able to make purchases online with complete peace of mind and security. You, and no other person, will be able to use your card, since your Personal Identification Code, Phrase, etc. it will be verified by your bank in all transactions in which your card is used in secure electronic commerce.

The purchase process is directly with the bank, the establishment does not have access to your data, neither to the card nor to your password, at ANY moment of the process.

In the Secure Payment system, the Bank's mediation is guaranteed in the event of claims, thus avoiding any possible fraud in a business.

As it is an automatic process, your order can be delivered to the transport agency on the same day, notably speeding up the reception at your home, unlike payment by transfer that generally requires 48/72 hours of confirmation.

If you have any questions about either of the two payment methods or want to ask us any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at Customer Service, through Email

Wire transfer.

If you choose bank transfer as a payment method, you will receive an e-mail with all the expenses reflected in your order and an account number so that you can make a bank transfer for that amount.

The order shipment will be made on the days established in the product, always executing at the time of receiving the proof of payment (usually takes about 48 hours), the amount of the purchase has been made. It is recommended to expedite the shipment that the confirmation voucher be provided HERE


If you have a Paypal account, you can also make your purchase using this form of payment. You will only have to log in with your usual Paypal account at the time of purchase confirmation. During the purchase process you will be taken to the PayPal payment page. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, you can open it now here.

Paypal has a 3% commission on the operations that go through its system, so this commission will be charged on the total of your order. Our prices are very low both in the final product and in shipping costs and we cannot assume this commission. If you do not want to pay the Paypal commission you can always pay with our card gateway as indicated above where you will not have any extra charge or by bank transfer.

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